Hecate Cacao Liqueur (375ml)


  • San Diego Internatinoal Challenge Gold Award for Spirits

A brilliantly pure expression of raw cacao nibs and vanilla beans.

  • Made with an heirloom variety of Criollo cacao nibs from Peru and Ecuador.
  • Featuring sustainably-sourced bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar.
  • Produced in small batches and finished in copper pot stills.

Tasting Notes

Hecate is meant to be sipped but also works beautifully in cocktails. The liqueur features the robust flavor of dark chocolate. The end result is a pleasantly rich sweetness, balanced by slight astringency. The full-bodied mouthfeel carries through to a long luscious finish.

375 ml; 35% ALC/VOL

Process Notes

Cacao nibs and Lafaza bourbon vanilla beans are sustainably and humanely sourced, then macerated in-house into a blend of our estate-made four-grain bourbon and single malt new make spirits, distilled in both our Mill building and Creamery building distilleries. The maceration is then sweetened and gently diluted to drinking strength.