Hecate Coffee Liqueur (375ml)


  • San Diego Internatinoal Challenge Double Gold Award for Spirits

A sophisticated liqueur that combines the intense, rich pleasures of espresso with hints of lemon.

  • Made from a base of Source One Vodka.
  • Created with an extraction of Magpie Roaster's Pica Pica coffee.
  • Made with organic cane sugar and a twist of lemon.
  • Contains caffeine.

Tasting Notes

Roasted walnut, dark cherry chocolate, stone fruit, bright citrus, and hints of floral form the nose of this complex liqueur. A rich mouthfeel, reminiscent of Italian-style espresso, leads to a chocolatey roundness on the mid-palate that's laced with bright citrus, and finishing with a pleasant bitterness.

375 ml; 23% ALC/VOL

Process Notes

We worked with Magpie Coffee Roasters out of Reno for a year and a half to find the best roast profile for Hecate. Magpie’s flagship blend, Pica Pica, offers the greatest combination of flavors. To produce a liqueur with all of the complex character of the Pica Pica beans, we use three different extraction methods (maceration in alcohol, cold brew, and hot brew) and then combine them for the final liqueur.

Each of these methods extract different flavors and aromas from the coffee beans: hot-brewed coffee contributes roasty and acidic flavors; cold-brewed coffee lends sweetness and aromatics; beans steeped in alcohol offer up strong caramel and chocolate characteristics. The addition of lemon zest was inspired by the European tradition of serving espresso with a twist of lemon; this accentuates the natural citrus notes found in the coffee and helps to balance the overall flavor.