Juniper Grove Alpine Gin (750ml)


A single-estate gin distilled from 100% grains that were grown on our own ranch in Minden, Nevada.

  • Produced from eleven different botanicals.
  • Produced in small batches and finished in copper pot stills.
  • Triple-distilled to perfection.

Tasting Notes

Made with piñon pine distillate, this is a true expression of the mountains and region that surround Bently Heritage.

750 ml; 46% ALC/VOL

Process Notes

Alpine gin was born while exploring for Atrium. We foraged cones from local pinõn pines and used their resins in a blending session, adding their distillate to a higher concentration Atrium batch. We were amazed by the way it married into the other botanicals, accentuating some while making others seem more complex. The eleven botanicals used macerate overnight before distilling, which pulls compelling flavor out.